Thursday, September 27, 2012

49ers Defensive Keys to Victory in New York

Here are the 49ers 3 defensive keys to defeating the Jets on Sunday:
1). Be strong up the middle – The Jets are very similar to the 49ers in that they want to run the ball. Starting RB Shonn Greene has averaged 2.1 yards per carry over the last 2 weeks, and backup Bilal Powell has averaged 4.1 yards per carry the last 2 weeks. Greene is not a threat to beat you around the corner, in fact through 3 games the Jets rarely try to run wide unless they are running the Fly Sweep or Read option out of the Wildcat formation with Tim Tebow.
2). Stop the bunch – The Jets are very effective when they line up or motion into the bunch formation. They do a good job of creating space for routes out of this formation. Thus far Santonio Holmes and Jeremy Kerley have been the Jets most explosive weapons. Holmes has averaged 15.2 yards on his 16 receptions, and Kerley has averaged 23.1 yards on his 8 receptions. When the Jets go to 4 WR’s, Holmes and Kerley are usually lined up in the slot. This will provide another tough matchup for Carlos Rodgers and Perrish Cox for the 2nd consecutive week.
3). Get the ball out of Sanchez’s hands quick – Mark Sanchez has completed just 50.5% of his passes so far in 2012, quite a difference from what the 49ers saw last week against Christian Ponder. Sanchez regularly misses wide open throws, and the routes are mostly set up to utilize only 1/2 the field. I would expect to see the 49ers emulate the approach of the Steelers in week 2 and send extra rushers often in passing situations.
Etc…Former 49ers Practice Squad TE Konrad Reuland started at Fullback last week for the Jets. He looked to hold up well in the run game and made a couple receptions.


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