Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bills Defense By The Numbers

During his press conference yesterday, Coach Harbaugh said the Bills were "Statistically a very good football team."  That may be somewhat true for their offense, but let's take a look at how their defense has fared through the first 4 games.

  • Overall Defense - Ranked 27th (406.5 yards per game)
    • Ranked 28th in yards per play (6.0)
  • Pass Defense - Ranked 23rd (1,078 yards per game)
    • Ranked 22nd in yards per pass (7.7)
    • Ranked 23rd in pass completions over 20 yards (16)
  • Run Defense - Ranked 28th (548 yards per game)
    • Ranked 27th in yards per rush (4.8)
  • 3rd Down Defense - Ranked 26th (44%)
  • Ranked 29th in 1st Downs Allowed per game (24)
  • Ranked 11th in Sacks per game (10)

Based on these numbers, how do you expect the 49ers to attack the Bills defense?  How well do you see them performing?

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