Monday, October 8, 2012

How Good Are The 49ers?

After the first 5 weeks this we know, at 4-1 the 49ers are a good team.  Over the next 6 weeks we should find out exactly how good they are.  This Sunday the 49ers start a daunting 5 game stretch that starts with a rematch of last years NFC Championship game when the New York Giants visit Candlestick Park, followed by 3 straight NFC West division games then a Monday Night matchup with the Chicago Bears.

The 49ers got to 4-1 with victories over Green Bay, Detroit, New York Jets and Buffalo.  Those four teams have a combined win-loss record of 7-12.  The 49ers lone loss during that stretch came at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings, who at 4-1 are the only team that among the first 5 opponents with a winning record.

This upcoming 5 game stretch features 5 opponents with a combined 17-8 record.  The NFC West has quietly become the new "black and blue" division of the NFC as all 4 teams sport defenses that are ranked among the upper half of the league.  In fact, over this 5 game stretch, the "worst" defense the 49ers will face is the New York Giants, who are at 21 going into tonight's Monday Night game, and could move up with the Jets set to face Matt Schaub and the Texans.

On paper these games all have the appearance of great defensive battles.  The 49ers defense must continue to play at the same level it has over the last 2 weeks when it gave up a combined 3 points.  If it does, the onus will fall on the offense to move the ball, and the special teams units to help win the field position battle.

In many ways the next 6 weeks will tell us what we need to know about how good this 49ers team.  Buckle up, it's going to be a fun ride.

Current Defensive Rankings

Giants - 21
Seahawks - 1
Cardinals - 11
Rams - 14
Bears - 6

Current Offensive Rankings

Giants - 2
Seahawks - 27
Cardinals - 31
Rams - 29
Bears - 19

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  1. Hammer - Nice read! I love the new "black and blue" reference.