Friday, November 16, 2012

You Make The Call

In my previous post I showed a single shot of this play.  It is the 1st down play on the 49ers second possession.  In that post I mentioned how Kaepernick looked for Gore, only to find him with his back turned.  In this post I am utilizing both the press box view and the end zone view to show the entire play sequence.  What do you think?

Just after PA to Gore
Just hit his last step of his post PA drop (2 pics Below)

Looking downfield for the deep route (above picture)

Looks to throw to Gore, but Gore has his back turned (2 pictures above)

Has pulled the ball down to escape pressure from Long, Gore turns head (above picture)

Looks to Gore again, but this time Gore is beginning to turn upfield by the sideline (2 pics above)

Gore is open with the corner coming up and the linebacker coming over, but Kaepernick is looking downfield.  By the time he comes back to him he is covered so Kaepernick scrambles for a 2 yard gain.

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