Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Does Michael Crabtree Compare?

Michael Crabtree is coming off a career year, one in which he became the first 49ers wide receiver to eclipse 1,000 receiving yards since Terrell Owens accomplished the feat back in 2003.  There is no doubt that he is the top receiver on the 49ers but where does he sit among his peers across the entire league?

To try and answer that question let's compare his numbers to 6 wide receivers who are generally regarded as being in the Top 10 in the league: Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, AJ Green, and Demaryius Thomas.

Below is their ranking based on the following criteria: Catches, Targets, Catch % (catches/targets), average yards per catch, Big Catches (25+ yards), Big Catch % (big catches/total catches), and YAC (yards after catch).

Catches                                                                  Targets

Calvin Johnson        122                                        Calvin Johnson        205
Andre Johnson         112                                       Andre Johnson        164
AJ Green                  97                                         AJ Green                 164
Demaryius Thomas  94                                         Larry Fitzgerald       153
Michael Crabtree      85                                         Demaryius Thomas  141
Julio Jones                79                                         Julio Jones                129
Larry Fitzgerald        71                                         Michael Crabtree      126

Catch %                                                                Average Yards Per Reception

Andre Johnson          68.2%                                  Calvin Johnson         16.1
Michael Crabtree       67.4%                                  Demaryius Thomas  15.3
Demaryius Thomas   66.6%                                  Julio Jones                15.2
Julio Jones                 61.2%                                 Andre Johnson          14.3
Calvin Johnson          59.5%                                 AJ Green                   13.9
AJ Green                   59.1%                                 Michael Crabtree       13.0
Larry Fitzgerald         46.4%                                 Larry Fitzgerald        11.2

Big Catches (25+ yards)                                       Big Catch %

Calvin Johnson            21                                     Demaryius Thomas     19.1%
Demaryius Thomas     18                                     Julio Jones                   17.7%                               
Julio Jones                   14                                     Calvin Johnson            17.2%
Andre Johnson            12                                     Michael Crabtree         12.9%
AJ Green                     12                                     AJ Green                     12.3%
Michael Crabtree         11                                     Andre Johnson            10.7%
Larry Fitzgerald (< 7 which was 20th in NFC)


Andre Johnson           552 yards
Demaryius Thomas    538 yards
Michael Crabtree        536 yards
Calvin Johnson           525 yards
Julio Jones                  486 yards
AJ Green                    427 yards
Larry Fitzgerald          284 yards

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