Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Is Frank Gore Wearing Down?

The Bad

1st Quarter (13:59) 1st & 10 SF 31

This is the 49ers first play of the game.  They are in 21 personnel and are running an ISO to their right side.  This means they are isolating the FB (Bruce Miller) on the inside linebacker (#56).  The interior front does a good job of getting into their blocks, but as Miller gets into the hole the safety (#37) has also jumped in forcing Miller to choose which to block.  Gore will cut off of Miller's block, but unfortunately Miller whiffs on both the LB and S making it easy for the defense to stop the play for only a 2 yard gain.

1st Quarter (6:13) 1st & 10 SF 38

The 49ers are in 21 personnel and are running a stretch play with zone blocking to their right side.  Left guard Adam Snyder is supposed to pull around to the right and lead through the hole.  As you can see, Washington's left inside linebacker (#59) has lined up in the C/G gap and will jump into the hole at the snap and Snyder cannot cut him off.  While the play is blocked well on the playside, #59 is able to chase the play down and stop Gore for only a 2 yard gain.

3rd Quarter (7:01) 2nd & 3 WAS 33

The 49ers are in 12 personnel and are running a stretch play to their left.  Vernon Davis misses his block on the outside linebacker (#98) allowing the play to be blown up in the backfield.  Gore tries to cut back, but Anthony Davis has missed his block on the defensive tackle (#92) on the back side.  The two converge to drop Gore for a loss of 1.

The Good

1st Quarter (12:49) 1st & 10 SF 44

The 49ers are in 21 personnel and are running a power to their right.  Adam Snyder will pull down the line to kick out the outside linebacker (#91), and Bruce Miller will lead Gore into the hole.  While they don't get a tremendous push on this play everyone blocks their man and Gore does what he still does as good as any back in the league running through a tiny seam for a gain of 5.

2nd Quarter (14:26) 1st & 10 WAS 18

The 49ers are in 12 personnel and are running the same stretch play detailed above in the second play out of a slightly different look (formation) and to the left intstead of the right.  Due to the formation adjustment the linebackers stay back which, along with the entire front getting a hat on hat allows the right guard Alex Boone to be able to get around and lead Gore up into the hole forcing the free safety to come up and make the play after a gain of 5.

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  1. While watching the game Monday night I noticed a play that started with nearly the complete Washington defense either on the line or just a yard or two from the line. The announcer (Gruden) mentioned they were defending against a run and thought Kaepernick should audible into a passing play. The 49ers went with a run anyway (Gore) and were stopped for no gain on the right side. I've seen this happen quite a bit over the past few weeks. Lot's of defenders up front and still a run play is called. Is this because Kaepernick isn't allowed to change the play, doesn't see the defensive structure, or as a rookie quarterback is uncomfortable overruling the offensive coordinator?