Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 NFL Predictions

With the 2013 NFL season set to kickoff tomorrow night I thought it would be a good time to throw out my SWAG (stupid wild ass guesses), err, guesses regarding how the season will play out.


NFC West:  49ers* (12-4)
NFC East:  Cowboys* (11-5)
NFC South:  Falcons (11-5)
NFC North: Packers (10-6)

Seahawks (11-5)
Rams (10-6)

NFC Championship Game: 49ers vs Cowboys

NFC Champion: 49ers

  • The NFC East has not had a repeat champion since the Eagles won the division four straight times from 2001-2004.

  • The NFC West is the best division in football, and the Rams will take the next step up by grabbing the final WildCard spot.


AFC West:  Broncos* (13-3)
AFC East:  Patriots* (12-4)
AFC South:  Colts (11-5)
AFC North: Ravens (10-6)

Bengals (10-6)
Chiefs (9-7)

AFC Championship Game: Patriots vs Colts

AFC Champion: Patriots

  • The Broncos and Chiefs will benefit from playing two of the worst teams in the NFL, Oakland and San Diego 4 times.  This will help the Broncos edge out the Patriots for the best record in the conference and push the Chiefs into the final wildcard spot.

  • Similar to the Broncos, New England will benefit from playing in the ultra weak AFC East to once again win the division and set themselves up for a deep run through the playoffs.

Super Bowl: 49ers over Patriots

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