Tuesday, September 3, 2013

53 Man Roster/Depth Chart Observations

Now that the 49ers 53 man roster has begun to settle down and the team prepares for its week one matchup with Green Bay let's take a closer look.  I will also try to answer one of the most asked questions regarding the roster, What happens when Manningham, Crabtree, and so on are ready to play?  To the roster:


QB: Kaepernick, McCoy, (Daniels)
FB: Miller, Dixon
RB: Gore, Hunter, (James), Dixon
WR1: Boldin, Moore, (Baldwin)
WR2: K Williams, Patton, (Harper)
TE: Davis, McDonald, Celek
LT: Staley
LG: Iupati, (Looney)
C: Goodwin, Kilgore
RG: Boone, Snyder
RT: Davis

Few surprises here.  It will be interesting to watch how the team integrates Harper over the next few weeks.  Look for Snyder to be the first man off the bench for the offensive line, followed by Kilgore.


LDT: McDonald, (Jerod-Eddie)
NT: I Williams, Dorsey
RDT: J Smith, Tukuafu
LOLB: Brooks, Skuta
ILB: Bowman, Stupar
ILB: Willis, Wilhoite, (Moody)
ROLB: A Smith, Lemonier
LCB: Rogers, Brock
RCB: Brown, Asomugha, Cox
FS: Reid, Spillman
SS: Whitner, Dahl, Ventrone

LS: McDermott
K: Dawson
P: Lee

(...) Denotes projected players inactive on game day.

PUP List:
Crabtree, Manningham

NFI List:
Carradine, Dial, Lattimore, Marquardt, Wright

What happens when Manningham, Crabtree, Carradine, Dial are ready to play?  This is one question that I see asked most often when the roster is brought up.

The players on the PUP and NFI lists are unable to join the team until week 6, and can rejoin the team as late as week 15.  I believe that Carradine and Dial will remain on the list as long as possible as insurance for insurance to one of the linemen on the 53 man roster, and might end up on the IR to finish the season.

In the case of Mario Manningham, I think it will have to do with how the current receivers on the roster are performing and if there are any injuries there as well.  Crabtree is in a similar situation, however his is made a bit cloudier by the Achilles injury.  Being ready to go and contribute by week 15 may be a tall task, and one that we will get little information on based on how the 49ers handle medical information.

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